iO Natural Antioxidant

What is iO Natural Antioxidant ?

iO Natural Antioxidant is Extra Virgin Olive Oil enriched with Lycopene.

  • Olive Varieties: Arbequina and Cornezuelo.
  • Lycopene extracted from ripe tomatoes ” pear type ” grown outdoors, where the amount of lycopene is 10 times more than tomatoes salad.
  • Color: reddish own tomato pigments.
  • Aroma: ripe tomatoes, dried tomatoes, and nuts such as walnuts and pistachios.
  • Taste: soft and delicate on the palate, with hints of tomato, but without the characteristic acidity.

What is lycopene?

  • It is a very powerful natural antioxidant, which provides the characteristic red color to tomatoes , and lesser amounts to other fruits and vegetables.
  • It has very beneficial properties for health, since it protects human cells from oxidative stress.

Exclusive worldwide patent

  • Natural Antioxidant iO is obtained by a patented method of University of Extremadura .
  • Patent that allows get mechanically a 100% natural,by direct solubilization of lycopene in oil.
  • Organic solvents or other intermediate chemical agents are not used .
  • World patent: W0 2006/111591